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A few weeks ago, the Tax Authority published a new form, the title of which is "Annual report for a foreign resident company that has an exempt capital gain from the sale of securities that are traded on a Stock Exchange in Israel". Amazingly, the form was removed one day later and as of the
In March 2019, the final report by the Security Authority – The Committee for the Arrangement of the Issuance of Distributed Ledger Technology Based Crypto-currencies to the public. The final report was published after the publishing of a very detailed interim report, which was presented to the public in March 2018. The Committee's main role was to consider the application of the Securities Law to the issuance of crypto-currencies.
A tax ruling has been published recently, which deals with the taxation of income from the exercise of options by a returning resident. "Spoiler" – the Tax Authority has determined that income from options that have vested outside of Israel when the individual was a foreign resident is taxable in Israel, and thus it has retracted its position in previous tax rulings. This tax ruling
The Delek Hungary court ruling has recently been published. The ruling (and the analysis it raises) is quite fascinating, but without going into the details of all issues raised, we feel it's important to mention here that ultimately, the court preferred to take the perspective of the objective at the basis of the various legal provisions rather than adhering to the letter of the law.
The world of cryptocurrencies is characterized by rapid change and extreme volatility. The moods of active crypto players swing in keeping with the surprising fluctuations of coin values. Our office has met with dozens of such clients, and in recent months with quite a number of groups who
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