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company’s activities

The company’s activities are:

  • Obtaining pre-rulings relating to activity in Israel and abroad from the Israel Tax Authority and other tax authorities.

  • Planning and estimating taxes in Israel and abroad with the aim of reducing the tax burden on the taxpayer’s income.

  • Provision of professional opinions regarding issues of taxation in Israel and abroad.

  • Aiding and advising in assessment discussions in all areas of taxation (income tax, real estate tax, value added tax, Social Security, etc.).

  • Consulting and advising with regard to the criminal aspects of the various tax laws on income tax, real estate tax and VAT, including: the voluntary disclosure process, the penalty/forfeit/forfeiture process, and administrative fines.

  • Planning for taxes / tax evaluations in the realization of capital and real estate assets with the aim of reducing the tax burden.

  • Advising Israeli residents upon their emigration abroad and upon their return to Israel with regard to all the tax laws.

  • Planning and advising in order to reduce the tax burden on the realization of options and shares held by employees and stakeholders in corporations in Israel and abroad.

  • Tax evaluation and planning prior to the execution of transactions and the establishment of ventures in Israel and abroad.

  • Reviewing tax reports of companies and partnerships in order to examine liberal interpretations of the various tax laws.

  • Advice regarding pension taxes, for various corporations, stakeholders and individuals.

  • Provision of ongoing tax consultation and ongoing updates on the basis of a regular relationship with legal and accounting firms, as well as for corporations that have wide ranging

    activity in Israel and abroad.

  • Aid, advice and service in obtaining State incentives for corporations such as Approved Enterprises, the Chief Scientist and the Marketing Encouragement Fund.

  • Consultation and service to tax-exempt institutions with regard to the tax laws, including municipal taxes.

  • Consultation with regard to Social Security for corporations, individuals and citizens leaving and returning to Israel.

  • Participation in the leading tax sector conferences, seminars and refresher courses.

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