Background and Expertise

In 2002, together with Ran Artzi, Ishay founded the firm of “Artzi, Hiba, Elmekiesse, Cohen” – Taxation Solutions Ltd., after have managed the taxation department at the firm of “Ziv Haft”. Ishay is mainly responsible for the handling of Income Tax Issues, Real Estate Taxes and Value Added Tax.

Selected Professional Activities

Ishay served as an instructor in various taxation courses at “Tel Aviv University” and in the “Insurance College” (the academic track). In addition, Ishay lectured and continues to lecture in professional forums on a variety of taxation issues including lectures and courses for the Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Ishay is responsible for the writing of dozens of professional articles, position papers and responses to taxation questions, in the Israeli media, in the monthly journals of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants and in other professional journals.

Role in the Firm

As a partner in the Israeli Taxation department, Ishay is responsible for overseeing transactions, planning their taxation implications, interacting with the various tax authorities in order to obtain pre-rulings, tax arrangements and the negotiation of assessments. In addition, Ishay handles Real Estate and contractors assessments, the treatment of Real Estate associations and entities, and the examination of various tax liabilities in re income tax, Real Estate tax and VAT. Ishay is the primary and professional editor of our Tax Alerts, which are published by the firm on a weekly basis, containing analysis and clarifications as well as professional critique regarding new rulings, legislation and other tax issues.

Professional Experience

“Artzi, Hiba, Elmekiesse, Cohen” – Tax Solutions Ltd. (2002 to present).
“Ziv Haft” – Deputy Manager of the Tax Division – (1996 – 2002).
“Kost Forer & Gabay” – staff member at the Tax department (1995).
Team leader at Tel Aviv Assessment Office 4 (1993 – 1994).
Income tax inspector at Netanya assessment office (1990 – 1993).

Formal Education

Israeli Certified Public Accountants – C.P.A since 1992.
Master’s degree (M.A.) in Law – “Bar Ilan University”.
Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Economics and Accounting – “Bar Ilan University”.

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